Research Projects

Robust Deep Learning Systems

Deep learning (DL) has achieved great success in many application domains such as image processing, speech recognition, and autonomous vehicles. However, how to ensure the reliability and security of DL system remains an open problem. For example, an attacker could add adversarial perturbations often imperceptible to human eyes to an image to cause a deep neural network (DNN) to misclassify perturbed images. In this project, we attempt to solve such the problem of reliability and security of DL systems from the perspective of software engineering. Traditional software represents its logic as control flows crafted by human knowledge, while a DNN characterizes its behaviors by the weights of neuron edges and the nonlinear activation functions (determined by the training data). Therefore, detecting erroneous behaviors in DNNs is different from those of traditional software in nature, which necessitates effective analysis, testing and verification approaches. We plan to take a multi-pronged approach to explore deeper understanding of defects (bugs) and adversarial examples in DL systems, and methods to guarantee the reliability and security of DL systems.

Deep Learning for Software Engineering

Deep learning can provide new capabilities and approaches for addressing software engineering problems. In this project, we will explore different software engineering activities where deep learning provides promising solutions, including software testing and debugging, program analysis and verification, software mining and analytics.

Programming with Big Code

Just like huge amounts of data on the web enabled Big Data applications, now large repositories of programs (e.g. open source code on GitHub) enable a new class of applications that leverage these repositories of "Big Code". Using Big Code means to automatically learn from existing code in order to solve software engineering tasks such as predicting software bugs, predicting program behavior, or automatically generating new code.